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Let me start with an introduction of Talk2Cleo and about me.

Who am I?

My name is Corrie but my podcast name is Cleo. The reason is simple. It sounds much better! Talk2Cleo has a flow. Talk2Corrie makes you wanna chew the last part and spit it out like a sour grape!

I live in the Netherlands and I started making podcasts in 2013. That happened after I was a guest on podcast called “The Cuckoosnest”. For me that was the first time I ever heard of the word podcast but I got hooked real fast.

Cucky (as I call him), was a convicted bank robber, but had done his time and I decided that if Cucky could do it, I could do it. That wasn’t so easy because my technical English was non-existing. But that did not stop me. I was determined to make this work.

It was one of the most difficult things to do, because I had nobody in my direct surrounds who could help me. Heck, I was the only one who heard of the word podcast (and now it is 2018: I still have to explain what it is).

But I didn’t give up and from a very clumsy talker (I honestly can’t call myself a podcaster in the beginning) I evolved to a skillful listener. And I realised I could finally call myself a podcaster after five years.

I live in The Netherlands. That, and the fact that I have a very busy work scedule and I recently started my own masseuse business (do me a favour and just check out massagepraktijkalt.nl ) makes that I have a very small time window when I can record a podcast. BUT… I always seem to find a way!

So there you have it. An introduction. What else can I talk about?

What is your podcast Talk2Cleo about?

Talk2Cleo is a guerilla and freestyle bilingual independent podcast. My guests speak English or Dutch. My solo episodes are in English because I have lots of listeners in English speaking countries. Based in The Netherlands the conversations are mostly recorded via Skype.

Everything goes on the Talk2Cleo podcast except for politics and sports. I don’t feel comfortable with it.

What is this “Action over Bullshit”.

It is about people who decided to go fo it!

To go do things instead of waiting for lady Luck to show up and take them by the hand. It is not a random subject. I made the “action over bullshit” move myself, by going back to school, study to become a masseuse and starting my own business. At 53 years old. With a full time job next to it. With a family.

I love conversations about people, their dreams, thoughts, wishes, fears and the dare to share. A conversation about you! You as a person! Not the worktitle you have or the book you wanna promote.

Where can we find Talk2Cleo?

You can find Talk2Cleo on iTunes (once I get my account back grgrgr), Stitcher and any other podcast platform out there. But you can always listen back to the episodes via Podcast Episodes .

Guests or guests suggestions are always welcome and you can send me a mail or tweet me.

Much love,



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