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Hi lovely people and welcome to Talk 2 Cleo,


I'm proud of this site because I did it without help *smile*.

There is not much on it anyway hahaha..I  don't care about that because I know it will grow in time.

I will use this to put podcasts and blogs on it.



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Dag lieve mensen,


Trots dat ik deze site heb gemaakt zonder hulp. Er staat nog niet veel op maar dat komt nog wel.

Ik gebruik deze site om podcasts en blogs te plaatsen.



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Downloaded in 45 countries (4th. March 2014) WOW!


Being a guest at:

Fizz Button Radio hosted by @DannyPinn1

Episode 15

Don't Fake the Funk by @LeonVegaSuarez & @LCSKLN

Episode 9


#24HourPodcast, Fundraiser for YukNassty

50 minutes call-in (USA)

Art Angel Alex @HolisticStone

Why don't they sell turkey eggs in stores?


Biff @BiffSweetwaters

Talking to Cleo


Mr @ThomasKayll

Super Smiley Cleo 


My Cucky @DaCuckoosnest:

"You Know What They Say About Southern Dutch Girls.."


(This episode is not available anymore)

My brother Guzzy @PostalPoet:
Brethren of Mutual Thought


(This episode is not available anymore)

















  For the best chili and chili spices DAMNGOODCHILI

                     The devil himself spiced it!

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Episode 45

Cleo talks 2 @WheelchairJitsu

"Life is Beautiful"

Brian Freeman tells how the worst lonely night in his life made him decide to be happy.

He is disabled, does Jiu Jitsu and has the mindset of a warrior. Why he does this?

Listen to the beautiful and deep  conversation I had with this man and find out. *smile*




#01 Heaven meets Hell, it's confession time!


#01 SPECIAL THANKS TO  @Brain_The, @JamieHager120, @iLoveTatorTots,  @LCSKLN and @JLSRobo for being such great guests on FINALLY a recorded #HmH.

Hope you will enjoy it. 


The live streaming went wrong again because of audioproblems. We decided to just call or let people call in and record that. We keep searching for a solution.


Stan and Cleo, hosts of #HmH

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