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Hello lovely people and welcome to Talk2Cleo

I am the host of the international podcast Talk2Cleo on iTunes, Stitcher etc

Most asked question: What is your podcast about?

The answer: There is no subject.

It is about giving people a voice. People like you and me and sometimes there is a person you think, "Hey! I know that name!"

When you press on my picture you will hear "Tales of a Viking Goddess". A production I made which is very dear to me.  Please wear head phones.

Talk2Cleo is downloaded in 92 countries. (April 2017)

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**LATEST #Talk2Cleo

Episode 170 with Jonny @LowLifeTattooCo on Instagram, @StanDaDevil and @JillyBean1876  -  Live in Pahrump and Las Vegas

First Part is recorded at Lowlife Tattoo, Pahrump and the second part on my last night at Stan and Jills in their garden in Las Vegas.
We didnt get to record the last part with Jonny because it looked like my Zoom batteries ran out, so I combined 2 conversations.



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