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**LATEST #Talk2Cleo

Episode 147 Guest: Stephen Manley @StephenManley12

When Universal and Warner Brothers Studio was sorta your playground, it is not
a surprise when you find yourself as an actor on Little House On The Prairie,
be a guest on The Loveboat, show up in All in The Family, or get to do a scene (when he was a 16 years old boy) with a Miss Playboy January,  ride with Billy the Kid etc etc
the list goes on an on!

BUT..  how many men had sex the Vulcan way, Pon farr, as young Mr. Spock in Star Trek III:
The search for Spock

Well, my guest Stephen Manley has. HE is a veteran actor of film and television for over 40 years. Best known as "Young Spock" in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

When you see the list of movies, films and TV shows Stephen Manley has been in
you better take a seat because the list goes on and on:

But we also talk about his new films!


Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter:

and yes, he is also talking about how it was working with Leonard Nimoy

Go check out and enjoy our conversation.

                                                              Click on the photo for the audio